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Kristín Sigfríður Garðarsdóttir is an experienced ceramics artist and designer based in Iceland. Working primarily with materials such as clay and glass, she employs a range of techniques, producing sculptures, reliefs and craft items.


Kristin draws her inspiration from a variety of sources; including nature, architecture, Scandinavian designers, everyday life and Japan’s 1100-year ceramic tradition. In her work, Kristin discovers harmony between past and present; historical and contemporary. She knows the art of creating interaction with the user; whether by letting a finger slip into a cup handle, inviting a glass for a dance or having a silent conversation with objects that pose questions about roles – “what are you, a sculpture or a bowl?” Thus, the boundaries between usable design and traditional fine art are successfully blurred.


Kristin's work has been featured around the world, at exhibitions such as "Icelandic Contemporary Design" held in Shanghai and Beijing, China in 2010, as well as in Stockholm and Helsinki, where she exhibited at The Cable Factory in 2011. Other group exhibitions include the 52 International Ceramic Biennale in Feanza Italy, Nordic Cool; "Hot Women Designers" in Washington DC, as well as a variety of exhibitions in Denmark, Japan, Serbia, Lithuania, Egypt, Berlin and Paris.


In Iceland, Kristin regularly presents her work at galleries and museums. Among exhibitions are "More is More" at the Museum of Modern Art in Reykjavik, "3x3" at the Design Museum in Gardabær, "Magma/Kvika" at Kjarvalsstadir, and "Spor" at Hafnarborg, the Hafnarfjördur Art Museum. Most recently, she exhibited "Nautn og notagildi" at the Art Museum of Árnes in Hveragerdi, and "Handleikið, Skörin" at the Craft & Design Association of Iceland, where she frequently presents her work. In 2010, Kristin was honored with the City Hall Award, “Skúlaverdlaun”, for Best Original Design.


Additionally, Kristin has held a number of private exhibitions at galleries in Iceland and around the world. These include Gallery Tao in Tokyo, The Firehouse in New York and Gallery Marunie in Kyoto, Japan, as well as the Icelandic Gerdarsafn, Árbæjarsafn and ASÍ Art Museum, to name a few.


Kristin is a member of the artist-run gallery/shop Kirsuberjatréd, located in downtown Reykjavík. The female-run organization has been featured in media internationally, such as the New York Times, Lonely Planet and the Danish Bolig Magasinet, where Kirsuberjatréd was selected as one of 10 Best Design Stores around the world in 2008.


Kristin completed her studies from the Iceland Academy of Arts in 1997, prior to being accepted to the renowned Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen, where she attended as a visiting student. She also completed work at Konstfack, Stockholm's leading design school.


She has attended workshops and residencies in Hungary, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, New York City, as well as being a frequent participant of the Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park in Japan, where research and artistic endeavors go hand in hand.


Kristin's work has been generously supported by a variety of foundations, such as the Sasakawa Skandinavian Fund, Muggur, the Ministry of Culture, the Craft & Design Association in Iceland and the Arts & Culture Fund of Kópavogur, among others.


Kristin has taught classes in plastering at both the Iceland Academy of Arts and the Reykjavik Art School.


A member of SÍM, the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists and Form, the Designers Association of Iceland, Kristin can currently be found creating her own work at her studio Subba in Kopavogur.


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